Never be stressed by your bookkeeping again

Would you rather spend more time on day-to-day operations than tedious bookkeeping?

Let’s free up some of your time so you can complete your daily tasks. No more late nights trying to balance your books or last minute rushes to get your balanced books into the hands of your tax preparer.



To Do List

It can be frustrating to have to spend valuable time balancing financial records. There’s many other things you’d rather be doing to keep your business running. So bookkeeping and other financial tasks often get put on the bottom of the to-do list.


Resulting in:

  • Missed Financial Obligations
  • Invoices/payments not processed on time
  • Late fees
  • Leaves you scrambling when tax season arrives
  • Anxiety about potential audits
  • Confusion about company’s financial position

Kim Kruse

I have spent most of my career working with a variety of different financial systems. I find it rewarding to assist others in keeping accurate, up-to-date financial records. I recently upgraded my skills resulting in the completion of Bookkeepers Launch. I also earned the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification and Knowify Certification and plan to continue enhancing my accounting skills so you don’t have to. 

Book a 15-minute consult

After talking, I will prepare a customized professional bookkeeping services plan to meet your needs.  We will review and make adjustments as required and commit to working together.

Your Benefits:

1. Save your time
2. Unpaid invoices will be a thing of the past
3. Cash flow issues identified
4. You can focus on growing your business
5. Tax season will be smoother
6. Easier to secure loans from banks and other creditors
7. Credits or deductions will not be missed

You will …

Have a sense of accomplishment
Feel peaceful – relaxed – calm
Be more productive
Be in control
Feel free during tax time


– Missed Financial Obligations
-Invoices/payments not processed on time
-Late fees
-Leaves you scrambling when tax season arrives
-Anxiety about potential audits
-Confusion about company’s financial position