How I Can Serve You


Save You Time

Bookkeeping and other financial tasks are time consuming and tedious. They often get put on the bottom of your priority list. A professional bookkeeper can take care of your bookkeeping and allow you to spend precious time dedicated to building your business.

No Missing Unpaid Invoices

Unpaid invoices create have the potential to cause cash flow challenges. A professional bookkeeper will put a process in place to follow-up on these invoices.

Avoid Late Fees

A professional bookkeeper will process bill payments in a timely manner. This will save you money in late fees and interest charges.

Tax Season Will Be Smoother

Having your finanacial records in order makes it easier to prepare accurate and timely tax returns and has the potential to save you money. Your tax accountant will not have to work as hard or as long to prepare you tax returns.

Easier to Secure Loans from Banks and Other Creditors

Good financial records gives prospective creditors accurate information about the financial position of your business. 

Kim Kruse