About Me

Welcome to KSKVA

My goal is to help business owners find freedom from their bookkeeping tasks so they can focus on their business and have the confidence that their financial records are accurate.

I spent the last three years working as a VISTA volunteer with a local non-profit. My main responsibility was maintaining their financial records using QuickBooks Online. It was during this three-year period that I realized that I really did enjoy using QuickBooks Online. I found it challenging yet rewarding. I have since decided to focus on this aspect of my virtual assistant business. After all, all businesses need sound financial records!

My latest goal is to provide outstanding bookkeeping services. As a 21st Century Digital Bookkeeper my goal is to help you find the perfect solutions for your business. My ideal client is a service-based small business or self-employed individual.

Quickbooks ProAdvisor


Member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program. QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification provides access to training and webinars to improve QuickBooks proficiency allowing members to stay abreast of the latest QuickBooks updates and available services.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services


With advances in technology, virtual bookkeeping services can be a real advantage to small service oriented businesses or self-employed individuals who do not require a full-time in-house bookkeeper.  This has the potential to save you time and money!

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeper Launch is program that teaches exactly how to setup a bookkeeping business. It includes in-depth accounting instructional materials and a hands-on project for a small company utilizing QuickBooks Online. The final exam, which requires a perfect score to pass, required posting financial transactions for a business within the QuickBooks online environment. 

Knowify has built-in project management tools that can be used to estimate jobs and track their performance once they begin. Knowify integrates with QuickBooks Online.

Knowify’s e-signature capabilities will impress your clients and shorten your sales cycle.

Kim Kruse